Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Possum Is Better

After hurting his leg somehow, Possum is behaving more like his usual self. This morning, I was relieved to see him strutting around, demanding his breakfast. (It was a darn good thing, especially as our vet was closed today despite their website saying they were open. I didn't want to put him through the stress of a trip anyway.)

Even last night he was feeling much better, He purred and settled down on me, and we had a little talk. We didn't discuss his sore leg because cats have evolved to be stoic and to hide their pain. Possum always gets very testy if I mention anything to do with his physical health.

But there was still the matter of the long-desired bicycle rickshaw, which did not materialize for him for Christmas again this year.

I knew he was unhappy about this and so, when he settled in my lap last night, I told him that we had been unable to get him a bicycle rickshaw because we don't have a garage to keep it in. It wouldn't be wise to park a tricked-out bicycle rickshaw, with a fringed canopy, and catnip-scented cushions, and sparkly handlebar streamers, etc., in the alley.

Too many crooks, I said.

Possum spends a fair bit of time looking out the back windows into the alley, so he understood immediately.

"But, Possum," I said, "We're really going to move somewhere better this year. I know I've been saying that for as long as you've been with us, but it's going to happen soon. I promise. And in our new place, I expect that you will have something even nicer than a bicycle rickshaw. For one thing, you'll have more rooms to hang out and run around in, and more upholstery to sleep upon. And, best of all, we're hoping for a nice little walled garden, or a "catio," where you and your brothers can sleep in the sun and chase bugs. I have wanted this for you ever since you arrived, and you shall have it. Soon."

Possum saw the appeal of that and gave me a very sweet look. And then we settled in together for a little nap. He trusts me, and it's wonderful.

Now I just have to deliver.

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