Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Holiday Card Runners Up: Lion

Lion saw the Santa hats arrive last month. We'd optimistically bought three; what WERE we thinking? He hid and continued to want nothing to do with them. I asked his foster mother, Connie, if he'd had any traumatic experiences of the hat variety at her house. After all, last she had managed to shoot this:

And this:

Geez, isn't Lion's sister adorable? Look at that sweet expression. I should have put her on my Christmas list last year, too. I've become friends with the woman who adopted Lion's other lovely sister — she's named "Possum" in honor of somebody or other — as well as one of Harris's brothers, which makes us somehow related... "cat cousins," if you ask me. We compare sibling notes and stories all the time. But this little girl was adopted from the shelter after Connie fostered her so we don't know where she is. And it bothers me.

Anyway, Connie wrote back and said no hat traumas for Lion; he just has a good imagination. She told me about, where I can add all kinds of hats, bow ties, and so on to my Lion photos without any participation on his part. Thus the Santa hat in his photo. The big white beard is his own, but he lost it shortly after he grew it in the fall. Our condo is overheated, which may explain why all of our very foofy "Maine Coon mix" kittens turned into "Domestic medium hairs" with strangely huge tails and fluffy pants. They are wearing their summer coats all year long.  When we move (a new place is on my Christmas list, since I tend to get the far-fetched items on my Christmas list, i.e., Lion), I hope we'll be able to control the thermostat and have a safely enclosed garden or porch where the cats can get fresh air and show off their winter fur.


  1. May you have your Miracle on 34th Street moment and find that perfect place..

  2. Maybe one year Possum will get his Far Fetched Christmas wish. (you know it as a bicycle rickshaw)


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