Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Wreath at Our House

I can't make a wreath like this for the Garden Club. For one thing, we invariably use bows, and we always try to use a good variety of items for each wreath — but we don't use anything to excess. For my own wreath, I like to do things differently. As usual, I went overboard with pinecones; I love them. And this was such a poor-quality wreath to begin with (chosen in the dark at Wilson Farm) that it really needed to be covered entirely.

Having overdosed on pinecones, I decided to use too many red berries, too. It hangs is a darkish spot so it needs some brightness. We like the result.


  1. at first look my first thought was, hey, there is all your pinecones ;)

  2. I like your wreath. It is a happy statement. I like that you used different varieties of pine cones.


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