Saturday, January 10, 2015

36 Views of Mount Possum

Although Possum had no interest in helping me write my last project, scripts for the recorded tour for a gallery of ancient Greek art, he has been avidly assisting me with my next project, the tour for an exhibition of art by Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849). All week Possum sat on me, absorbing knowledge osmotically as I read The Great Wave and other background information at the urging of the rest of the creative team. Despite its title, The Great Wave rarely mentions Hokusai but tells the stories of several Americans — including Herman Melville and a number of Bostonians — and  few Japanese who brought Japanese art and culture to the U.S. (and spread some western culture to Japan) during the Gilded Age. We had fun reading (and procrastinating) but now we have to settle down and figure out what to write.

I'll be busy (working title: 34 Views of Hokusai) over the next few weeks so I may not be as verbose as usual here. Maybe I'll ask Possum to write a few posts. It occurs to me that he probably thinks there is a bicycle rickshaw somewhere in all this, for him.

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