Friday, January 23, 2015

Be Prepared

My husband and I were sitting around in the living room a few minutes ago when he said, "Would you like some cake and a glass of milk?"

And I said, "What cake? Surely not the cake in the fridge? The cake I got because we are going to dinner tomorrow night and we're supposed to bring dessert, and since it's going to snow and rain and be disgusting all day tomorrow, I decided I'd better get a cake today?"

And he said, "I completely forgot."

And I said, "You thought I brought home an $18 cake just for us? I never do that! But when I got it I couldn't help thinking that, if it snows as much as it's supposed to, they are going to cancel on us, and we'll get to stay in and eat the whole thing ourselves."

And he said, "Good thinking."

Right then the phone rang. It was our hosts. He's in his 80s and fell while walking to the bank today. He's okay but knows he'll feel sore tomorrow and wants to take it easy. They are also worried about us driving out to their place in bad weather tomorrow night. So, a rain check.

Now I'm sitting around, waiting for my husband to ask me if I want some cake and a glass of milk.

I hope he didn't forget again. (It's vanilla-caramel-toffee, his three favorite flavors. Resistance is futile.)


  1. I've been reading the forecast since yesterday, they can't seem to make up their minds how much snow we're supposed to get. I've heard 3-5, then it was 5-8, then back to 3-5. In any case, holed up at home with a whole cake while it's snowing outside sounds just wonderful!


  2. mmm.. that cake sounds lovely and totally worth $18!!

    I'm sorry to hear your friend fell down, I hope he is feeling better quickly


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