Thursday, January 22, 2015

Belly Up

I am midway through my writing project (Japanese art) and procrastinating like the dickens although I do manage to make some progress every day. I have two or three more weeks to crank out my first draft. Possum has not been very helpful, although he did spend some time sitting on my research materials so at least he has absorbed some information by "feline literary osmosis". He may have something useful to say to me about Japanese art later on. At the moment, the only thing he's been able to offer me is his  belly, for stroking. A good excuse to procrastinate.

Online shopping is another good way to procrastinate. I keep buying sweaters from J. Crew. There's something about Japanese art that makes me want sweaters. I mean, I really keep buying sweaters. So far, I've ordered an awful lot of them, just to replace a couple of old wrecks. I've stopped keeping track of how many. More than twelve.

I've been in an odd, risk-taking mood lately, so I ordered unusual colors to try. It wouldn't surprise me if risk-taking is associated with procrastinating. Yesterday I ate a sample of sushi from the Star Market without missing a beat, and I normally would never go near sushi, let alone taste a molecule of it. But a Japanese man handed it to me and that was that. I seem to be into all things Japanese at the moment. Except for the art I should be writing about.

I accidentally ordered one sweater twice. But I think I'm not entirely crazy, just somewhat crazy — and so is J. Crew. I initially ordered everything that interested me in my usual size, Small. But J. Crew now makes size XXXS, probably for precocious 10-year-olds, or perhaps their dolls. When my orders began arriving, I realized I've been demoted to XS. So all the Smalls have to go back, and I had to reorder everything in Tiny. Unfortunately, that was before I discovered that colors like "Toffee," which sound lovely, read as "Muck" on me.

I will have many, many sweaters to return. I'll be keeping two or three. Unless they pill like mad, which they might.

But walking to J. Crew is another good way to procrastinate. Sayonara.

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