Friday, January 30, 2015


January strikes me as a perfect month for complaining, while February and March seem better for whining. To me, whining is a lower-energy, endurance sport, perfect for months that seem to drag on and on, while complaining is more like a sprint. I barely left the house this month and didn't get nearly enough exercise of of any type, so I'm trying to make up for that by expending energy on grexing,* at least. I've only got another two days, so here goes. 

1. The Olympics in Boston. Worst idea ever. I can't imagine a stupider plan. I don't believe any of the polls that show that close to half of Bostonians support this idea. I suspect that the pollsters are asking loaded questions, like: "If the Olympic Committee picked Boston, could you show me your response to that?" And then they interpret screaming hysteria or fainting in horror as positive energy.  

The plans including building a beach volleyball stadium on Boston Common. 
This will require cutting down old trees and generally wrecking the landscaping. 
People often think this photo is just a joke, but the plans are REAL.

You'd either have to a one-percenter with ownership in a local construction company, a shill on his payroll, or a complete moron to think this idea plan has one molecule of merit. It's enough to make me want to move to Salem, although, who knows, Salem could get saddled with turning its historic area into a giant water-polo stadium for all we know. The games will be spread out pretty far around the eastern part of our state. No US city that's hosted the Olympics has a positive story to tell because the costs, the projected "profits," and the overall impact on that city were far worse than anyone ever dreamed. Massachusetts's construction company owners will roar all the way to the bank while the rest us hand over our cash to them to build stuff that will be used for less than a month and then need to be torn down. What a racket, in more ways than one.

I'm not sure our new mayor has noticed, but we have a few big problems to fix (education, homelessness, housing, infrastructure, for starters). Wrecking the city for its inhabitants and spending billions on 17 days of semi-fascist (he's already forbidden city workers to say anything negative about the Olympics, and one reason the OC likes Boston so much is the way the police shut down Boston and the surrounding towns completely after the Marathon bombing) insanity is not the answer. Yes, it might indirectly help a few of our infrastructure and transportation problems. But there must be better ways to do that. Let's focus on fixing them without destroying things that do work in the process. If you want to use my tax money for that, fine. But if one penny of it goes to funding the Olympics, man....  
Some other time, I'll tell you how I really feel about this topic. At length. But let me just say in closing that I'd rather tear my head off and eat it than live in Boston through an Olympic construction nightmare. And, yes, I will collect signatures for the referendum.

2.  Microsoft Office. What the hell is going on with you, MS Office? I'm using the 2008 version on my Mac because newer versions are, according to people I talk to, too horrible to contemplate. Each new version is stupider than the next. After I upgraded my operating system recently, to Yosemite, Office became even more annoying. Every time I open a program, it opens a blank document for me when, 99 times out of a 100, I do NOT want to send someone an email, for example — I'm just checking for mail. It opens a blank Word document when all I want to do is open my writing project and stare at it and procrastinate. Thank you for attempting to read my mind, MS Office, but it's been  an epic fail, so stop. And did I mention that I'm always reopening these programs because they keep crashing on me? And almost every day there's some new, unpleasant surprise. 

Believe it or not, I woke up early this morning, determined to make some progress on the writing project. I'm in the home stretch. But, no. Last night, for no reason, MS Office had an identity crisis. I've spent the last three hours unable to work because Office is trying to rebuild itself. At the snail's pace that it's taking, it will take the better part of the day, assuming it gets through its so-called repair routine. More likely, it will just screw up more stuff and make new problems for me. I'm sure I'll be getting more unpleasant surprises. And all I did last night was close a Word document, quit Mail, and shut down my computer, and this morning all hell broke lose. I know: I should switch to Pages... right?

Three hours later.

Okay, that's enough. I have more to complain about but now I think it's your turn. Is something bothering you? Then start a blog or leave me a comment.

I promise I'll try to find something positive to say about something that isn't either a cat or a cake soon.

* Pennyslvania Dutch for "complaining." Doesn't everyone say this — or are my Penna. roots showing?


  1. Are you serious about Boston for the olympics? I agree with you, what a terrible idea!! I feel you have every right to voice your horror and disgust. Unbelievable!!!

  2. Grexing sounds very similar to the Yiddish form of "gretzing." Both express the same thing so it's not just your PA Dutch roots...

  3. only a very small part of me wishes the olympics choose boston - and i don't even like the olympics.. it would be kinda fun to have the spectacle so close but then the spectacle would be so close.. so it is only a very small part..


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