Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day, Lion!

A year ago today we got caught in a snowstorm picking up our "foster" kitten in Maine. 

I hope I am wiser — emotionally, at least — a year later than I was then. We called him "The Doubtful Guest" for a whole month. It seemed like an eternity while we debated and worried and tried to make up our minds as to whether we could be a five-cat household. We should have figured it out from Day One. When he made himself at home like this:

Foster fail.

It didn't take me a whole month to make up my mind, at least.The Resistance Movement against him was led by my husband, and his able recruit Harris. Here he is after stealing Lion's collar.

You can usually tell what Harris is thinking. 

Harris still likes to take Lion's toys. But Lion has so many — drinking straws are among his favorites — that Harris's thievery has little effect beyond making him feel good.

Lion slept on me as I fell asleep last night. He jumps in my lap and gazes up at me, purring. He licks and bites my chin in the morning when I'm sleeping, and brings us toys in the middle of the night when he wants to play fetch. He has a wonderful voice and likes to talk. He'll comes for petting if I wiggle my fingers at him. He is a ferocious hunter of toys on strings, like Da Bird. He likes all the other cats and they like him. He's still afraid of our guests and thinks the vacuum cleaner is out to kill him, but who cares? I can appreciate a cat with a complex personality. He's also gorgeous with his black eyeliner and pink nose, and as soft as silk.

He's perfect, and that's that. 

Lion and Toffee went to the vet on Thursday. Lion had his one-year check-up shots. He peed in his carrier on the way, and abraded his nose by pushing hard against the nylon mesh. I kept my hand inside to try to prevent that, but he is strong and determined. He was very polite with our vet and she let him hide inside a cupboard while she examined Toffee. Lion was content to sit in the dark in there. He peed again on the way home.

One of Lion's best baby photos.

We get Feliway wipes from the vet after every visit because Harris, especially, has hissy fits at everyone who comes home from there — including me. I am a cat, according to Harris. We wipe all the cats who stayed home, and then we transfer their scent onto the returning cats. Then we try to wipe down everyone again if they let us. It worked well for everyone except Harris, Mr. Sensitive. But it made me very proud when he hissed at me along with Lion and Toffee.

Happy Gotcha Day, Lion! You're the cat who forced us to admit that we are out-of-control, crazy cat people. There's no way around it (with four cats you can say you have just two apiece). Thank you for adopting us and taking over our lives.


  1. Well how on earth did I miss this. I thought I scheduled a post on my facebook page, but alas no.. I'm sorry.. I know it is okay, but I still feel bad.

    Happy Gotcha Day buddy.. I'm so glad you landed well. I knew where you were going to land from the minute your mom said something to me.. it just seemed destined even if she didn't know it.

    (btw, can I share this on my page?)

    (also, I tend to take all of my cats to the vet at once to avoid hissies like this. it is a bit of a pain to gather them all up, and the hit to the expense account isn't easy to take in one shot, but I find it preferable)

    1. PS: You saw our car when we nearly got stuck in your driveway. Only holds three carriers, max!

  2. Sure you can. At this point I don't care who sees what anymore. But you have to tell me what I said that made you so certain!

    1. I think Lion told me..

      Hey.. would you like to participate in my former foster Friday in February series??

    2. What does this entail? I'm a little busy with a deadline these days, but I should be freed up by mid February.

    3. minimum a photo and a paragraph about how you love him, maximum 100 photos and a book ;)

  3. awww - happy gotcha day sweet baby!!


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