Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Hardware

I love this ingenious holiday window at Charles Street Supply, Beacon Hill's excellent hardware store. The tree is composed of different sizes of brooms, and it's decorated with owls and deer, air fresheners and batteries:

Here's a close-up:


  1. I love the hardware store too and their helpful staff, and I always stop in hoping to catch a glimpse of their long-haired calico cat. I forget her name, but sometimes she can be seen sleeping among the merchandise.


    1. I love that cat! She's had her ups and downs, health-wise, though. For a while she a skin problem that worried me. I confess I've been afraid to inquire after her lately. I'll have to ask next time I'm there.

  2. How cute, industrious and inventive. Sounds like a fine place to do business! There is an Ace Hardward near me that I prefer to frequent over the 'big stores' for sure!


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