Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In Case You Wondered

Lion is still getting bigger and he's still getting mileage out of that pillow. As you can see, he has his "summer coat," which I suppose is because we keep our apartment very warm. I miss his long fur and beard ruff but he looks younger (and less like a hipster) this way. And his coat is still so silky that we can instantly identify him in the dark when he jumps on the bed. 


  1. Jack is soft like a bunny, so I always know when it is him too..

  2. I notice that Winnie ( Harris's birth mom ) has lost a lot of her facial floof. She has unpoofed and does not look like she did before. Is this because our house is kept at 70 degrees??? I wish she would floof up again. She has the best facial puffs.

    1. Hi Donna! I wish I knew for sure. All five of our cats are supposed to be floofy — they have huge tails and lots of fur between their toes, and long, fluffy "knickers," but they look almost like shorthairs everywhere else. I think it's because we keep our apartment well above 70. I too would like to have more floof. Lion had the most amazing coat for a couple of months and then it vanished. Give my best to Winnie and Harris's sister!

  3. Floofy or not you still have 5 amazing cats. (still LOVE the little pink nose on Lion.)

  4. I always tell Winnie and Pinky that I saw pictures of their brother and how well he is doing and how loved he is. Lets hope they all poof back up again and we can bury our faces in it...hahhaha.


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