Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's Still Christmas

 The forest on our mantel, without any felines walking through it.

As far as we're concerned, it's still Christmas, until about Tuesday. We're still enjoying our tree and other decorations, and our presents. (I was overwhelmed with lovely things and now feel the need to become a better person in order to deserve it all.)

Of course, we're also enjoying the post-Christmas sales. I made my usual wrapping-paper and tag pilgrimage the day after Christmas and was disappointed in the options as usual. Please note that I had not been at all impressed with the selection well before Christmas, either. Is it just me, or was wrapping much more beautiful in years past? I have rolls and rolls of gorgeously printed papers from the '80s and '90s that I can't bear to use up, and I'm not alone. Other members of my family hoard wrapping paper from previous decades, too, doling out tiny amounts on small gifts and making sure the recipient knows the paper once belonged to some relative no longer with us. Most of us don't need to be told; we can identify those lovely, cherished papers on sight. "I can't bear to unwrap this!" is often heard.

Sometimes I get ambitious and carefully wrap a sturdy box lid and its bottom separately, in such a way that the box is reusable, a trick I learned from my mother and aunts. I have a small collection of these. Then I have the pleasure of bribing or threatening the recipient until they give me back the box, another family tradition.

Peppermint bark is deeply discounted ($6) at Crate & Barrel, so we indulged. (Stores are more likely to still have some candy than the website, although stock does have its ups and downs.)

I also added to my collection of tree-shaped candles via Sur La Table's post-Christmas sale. I am growing a little holiday forest on my mantel, adding another tree or two each winter. I have about a dozen now, in different sizes, shapes, and shades of green. If cats knock them over, they survive. Storing them is a challenge in this tiny apartment, but I'm used to it.

I'm well-fixed for clothing these days, so I'm not taking advantage of those sales. But I'd love to find a pair of warm boots that ares safe on icy sidewalks. I doubt they exist, but it's about time I had my first pair from L.L. Bean. I had my eye on these, made in Maine, but they aren't on sale — and, worse, they aren't in stock until May!
Bean also makes these in WHITE, and they look as awful as you'd imagine. Since you shouldn't wear them after Labor Day, what's the point? I might try a pair of their "Stablicers" instead, although I have visions of wiping out on marble floors, or ruining wooden floors, when I forget I'm wearing them and walk into a store.

Anthropologie is having a big sale, too, plus an additional 25% off right now, but I'm having none of it this year... except for their candles. I have a candle-hoarding problem. I burn them to mask odors that seep into our unit from other apartments, so that's my excuse for keeping a huge supply on hand. I like this glass one, with a fresh, peppermint-vanilla scent and a design that reminds me of a favorite tree ornament from my childhood:

You still have time to find those items that Santa missed putting under your tree... on sale. Be merry!

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  1. I'll say try the stabilicers. They make walking so much better on the ice, but yes, do be careful in buildings with hard surface floors...
    I actually don't think the LL Bean boots are very good on ice... not much grip.
    Other than your rear-end accident, how was your trip south?


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