Sunday, January 25, 2015

Making the Scene

It was another exciting Saturday night here, with Possum, Lion, Wendy, and Harris warming the bed for us and Toffee snoozing on a chair nearby. We're finding these four curled up on the bed together more often lately. We can usually count on someone to be with us when we're there, too. Lion brings us drinking straws and toys when he wants to play fetch, whatever the hour. Harris comes by to curl up between us, to try to eat my hair or nurse on my ear. Possum and Toffee sleep at our feet.

We worked last night until we couldn't stand it anymore and then we decided to try an episode of the Amazon TV series Transparent, recommended by Some Assembly Required. We stuck around for four more episodes. It's over-the-top in terms of the adult children's romantic problems and frenetic sexual activity (and nudity, numbingly de rigeur these days). But it's well-acted so the characters are holding our attention. I had a transsexual professor 35 years ago, with a wife and school-age children, so that plotline feels like too little, too late, but it all beats working for sure.

We're expecting a huge snowstorm tomorrow night, with blizzard conditions. We'll see. If there's anything interesting to photograph, I'll go out on Tuesday. Otherwise I plan to hunker down for the next few days and work, make soup, and hope for a snow day or two for my husband.


  1. I simply adore that photo.. I can so see going in for a belly rub after the photo was taken..

  2. I love your cat pictures. I was wondering if you could refer me to a ME coon cat rescue? I had to say good-bye to my 13 year old 12 weeks ago and am interested in another. Thank you

  3. I enjoy reading your blog very much and love all the cat pictures. You do an awesome job decorating the Christmas wreaths.


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