Saturday, January 17, 2015

Oh, No! Fire at Trader Joe's?

It was 10 degrees when I got up this morning; we feel the chill in our apartment because it's drafty. I wanted to stay in and work today, but had to go to out because the furnace at the house museum where I volunteer needed fixing and someone had to turn off the alarm and escort the repairman. Brr. We kept our coats and hats on. Walking home, I decided to pick up a few things from Trader Joe's, and stay indoors... until maybe Easter.* 

So much for that. I see no local news reports about a fire at TJ's, but that's not unusual. Most of the drama in this  neighborhood is petty and slips under the radar, and we are content to keep it so. (No more bombings, nine-alarm fires, blackouts, or horrific car crashes, please.) But anything that affects our beloved TJ's has a widespread community impact as we all go there all the time. I'm in there at least two or three times a week. 

I wonder what happened and when they will reopen. Was there a flambéeing accident at the free sample station? Did a box of Jo-Jo's spontaneously combust?

We have an unopened tub of dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbindo sugar, so we won't be coping with withdrawal symptoms for another week or two.

* I'm on hiatus from my pedometer, taking a break for a few weeks after religiously getting 10,000 daily steps for more than four years. I miss it and will go back to that routine soon. It's just too cold.

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  1. four years? that is impressive, and I bet you'll naturally do way more steps than you'll think just because it is such a habit at this point


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