Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We've seen Wendy napping on the sofa with Toffee and Possum recently. The four boys are all fairly friendly (Harris is silently jealous of Lion for being the baby). They curl up together and give each other baths, but Wendy is usually more standoffish, except with Possum. I've seen her playing with Lion and Toffee lately, under the tree, so it's nice that she doesn't hate everybody... just me.


  1. Awww.....Love you Wendolina Pantherina

  2. with more time comes more acceptance.. Eli climbed on my lap for the first time when he was 10

  3. It is so nice to see how well your cats all get along! I was wondering if you would consider a post with your top 10 ways to properly introduce a new adopted cat or kitten into a household where there is a happy Resident Feline (or Felines.)
    Mine has been glad to have me all to herself since my second cat went to kitty heaven but I feel like she would do much better with another companion.
    I am hoping since she is eight years old that she might do well with a kitten, but in the past I also have been okay with adopting older rescue cats.
    With lots of love and sense, I am sure we even could handle a Doubtful Guest!

    1. Hi Pondmutti! We have been really lucky bringing new kittens into the fold. So much depends on the personalities of resident cats as well as new ones that my best advice is to A) avoid having just two females together, as (neutered) males generally get along better with a female and with each other, and B) keep the new cat safely behind a closed door until they've both had a chance to get used to the idea and have done a lot of under-door sniffing.

      Some kittens are respectful of older cats. Our "ferals" Wendy and Possum got along perfectly with our two old Persians, who were about 16 at the time (and never liked each other). Wendy and Possum always had each other to play with, so the elders could relax. So, C) with kittens, consider getting a pair! But if you're thinking about adding an adult, look for a rescue where the staff gets to know that cats' personalities. Places that do in-home fostering will often be able to tell you a lot about how a cat responds to other cats. Best of luck to you!


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