Wednesday, January 28, 2015


View from the window when I was procrastinating yesterday.

So, it snowed and snowed yesterday. And then it snowed more. It looks to me like we got about a foot, but I haven't left the house since Monday. My husband went to work today and he claims we got more than two feet. He's probably the better judge.

I'm staying in until I get over this massive case of Writer's Block, or whatever it is I have, that is keeping me from finishing my scriptwriting project for a Japanese art show. I would say it's Writer's Block for sure, but it hasn't kept me from writing 500+ words for a friends blog and a slew of emails.

It seems I have a very specific variant of Writer's Block, called Woodblock Print Block.

And it's bad. I've only got about six more little scripts to go out of 25. I initially had more, but I was very enthusiastic whenever anyone on the team suggested recording a video interview instead having me write. That helped a lot.

I am in such bad shape that I actually ordered another sweater today.

I hope February turns out to be a better month than this one. January, as usual, has proven to be boring, drab, and cold. And also strangely... woolly.

Maybe I need to watch more TV. (Or I should reacquaint myself with the gym.)

I've decided that, as an incentive to finish up, I'm not going outside to do anything fun until I'm done with the first draft. But, as it gets colder, I'm not sure if that's going to backfire. I still have to go out to do various un-fun things, you see.

Back at it. (Ha!)


  1. Do show us the myriad sweaters you've bought. Not that I am encouraging you to write procrastination-type posts, but I too am putting off a re-writing project and need procrastination-type reads. And, maybe I need new sweaters too!

    1. I returned many sweaters, but there are a few around. The pile of sweaters would have made a good photo! They are mostly J. Crew's Cambridge Cable styles. Feel soft, look great out of the bag, and are at least one size too big. But they'll pill if you think too hard. And they aren't even on sale anymore! And the worst news: I still have three to six more pieces of this project to write and I've finally run out of sweaters to try!


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