Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wreaths in Situ

One of the unspoken, occasional perks of purchasing wreaths decorated by Garden Club of the Back Bay is that some decorators can't help checking on the wreaths we pass by, especially the ones we decorated ourselves. We fuss with the bows, make adjustments to pinecones and so on, and observe how materials behave over time. When a wreath is on a door that gets a lot of use, it usually needs a little help from time to time. (I can report that the holly we used this year is holding its own surprisingly well; although the leaves are dry and shriveling now, it still looks nice.)

On Thursday, I walked by one of my favorite wreaths, on West Cedar Street. After nearly a month of hanging outside, it was looking fine:

"My" wreaths are also hanging on two stately doors at River Street Place. Here's one:

This wreath is also holding up well. This year, the Club only offered fully decorated wreath in our smaller "standard" size, which is supposed to be about 12" in diameter. (Decorating the bigger size, especially in pairs, had been too time-consuming and daunting the previous year, so we decided not to put ourselves through that this year. Wreath decorating is supposed to be fun, not just work.) I'm pretty sure this Beacon Hill customer ordered larger wreaths in the past. But this wreath doesn't look too small for that handsome door — we shape and augment the wreaths with more greens, so they appear more substantial. This wreath was heavy with oversized pinecones, too. I don't just arrange them across the top of the wreath, I decorate along the sides, too, adding greens and cones within the inner and outer edges, so the wreath looks fat, full, and three-dimensional. 

I went to check out a pair of wreaths I decorated in silver and pinkish red for the big single-family house at 5 Commonwealth Avenue (formerly the Boston Center for Adult Education, where I studied drawing, advertising copywriting, and ballroom dancing... and held my first wedding reception). But the wreaths were gone! Here's a photo of them on my easel, not looking too, too shabby:

I will have to ask the Club if there was a problem. I worried that the birds might eat the red sumac I'd used. But I really didn't want to spray the sumac and have the birds eat that. My cats and I have differing opinions about harming birds; we agree to disagree.

These two wreaths on Marlborough Street are still where they belong, so I reshaped the squashed bow on the door that gets used: 

My favorite wreath, the last one I decorated, is supposed to on a door on Durham Street. I thought that was deep in the South End but I see that it's a short street between past St. Botolph Street and Titus Sparro Park. I'll head over there soon.


  1. The wreaths still look beautiful! But I'm curious how the owners get in and out of the West Cedar St front door -- there's only a single wreath and it's hanging down the middle of the double doors?!


    1. It's an excellent question. I suppose they are very thin and slide in and out through the mail slot. Or perhaps they have a back door!


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