Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Harris Update

Yesterday during the big snowstorm, Harris didn't eat his breakfast. We considered it a cataclysmic  event, with our five young, healthy cats being fed a premium, tasty, 95%-meat diet.

I do not miss the time when we had four sick cats at once, or the many years when we had geriatric cats with kidney disease. I realize that, if we're lucky, we'll have FIVE geriatric cats many years down the road. But I hope that feeding them a vastly better diet will prevent some of the chronic health problems our previous cats had. Back then, I was ignorant about feline nutrition and fed everyone horrible kibble (recommended by the vet) year after year.

A cat skipping one meal used to be nothing; these days it's Something. My husband was at work, and asked for text updates. I called our vet's office, just in case Harris developed other symptoms. Closed due to the storm. That meant a trip to Angell Memorial's ER if Harris truly was sick.

He spent the day lying around, awake but quiet, which was unusual. He didn't look right. I don't know if most other people can read their cats' expressions, but I can. He had a new, slightly bemused look on his face. But he didn't show any signs of discomfort when I examined him very gently. And he did exert himself to knock the cordless phone and charger that are next to our bed onto the floor. He does this almost daily, and often repeatedly. He hates that phone. I was reassured. But then he wouldn't play with everyone's favorite pole toy, the Neko Flies furry one that a friend of mine says looks like "hairball." (Even Possum took a few swipes, while lying down. He was recovering, rather smugly, from being the Resident Rodent Facsimile.)

I warmed Harris's uneaten breakfast (lamb) around noon; he sniffed but wouldn't touch it while everyone else clamored for it. Then I got out the best treats: tough little squares made of rabbit, including fur. Everyone is crazy about them. Harris took his and I noticed him struggling with it. I finally took it out of his mouth. It was too hard for him to chew and swallow. It was a slimy mess on his tongue. I took a fast look at his mouth and didn't notice anything unusual. I offered him some canned rabbit, which he finished. Phew!

Harris believes he is the Greatest Cat Ever and he may have a point.

He spent the rest of the day lying on the bed, mostly awake, which was odd. But he ate his supper, too. He spent the evening much too quietly, but finished his breakfast this morning. Then he played a little, racing around after the laser pointer for a minute or two. I didn't want to get him too riled up so soon after he ate. He's been wandering around; I'm going to see if he'll play with me now. I can already see that he looks like his usual self. His basic expression reads as ever: "Love me, adore me, I'm the most fabulous kitten ever. But make it snappy: I've got stuff to do, some of it bad."


  1. Believe in your thoughts and feeling. Often cats only show very subtle signs of not feeling well. When in doubt, check it out. Feel all better soon Harris.


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