Monday, February 9, 2015

Lost & Found

I lost my nice black gloves more than a week ago, before the first big snowstorm. When it was, exactly, and how many snows we've had since, well, I've lost count. Some things are better kept in mind as a vague blur. It's snowing and blowing again as I write this.

I guess it was in January, maybe that last Wednesday or Thursday.

That night, I knew I had them while I was at the Patisserie on Newbury, getting a baguette, because I remember tossing them in one of the grocery bags I was shlepping home from the Star along with the bread. I felt warm enough that I didn't need them.

Then it snowed like mad and I didn't go out for a day or two. And then I couldn't find my gloves. I looked hard, in folded-up grocery bags and behind furniture, in coat pockets and under cushions. In the freezer and behind the bread box, and in cabinets — because I knew I'd put them in my grocery bag to carry home, so they must have gotten unpacked with the food in the kitchen.

I went out without any gloves a few times and froze, hoping it might spur me to remember where I'd put them. At this point, I believed they were in the house. My husband thought I was nuts and made withering remarks about my Catholic school upbringing. He also compared me to Bill Belichick, who benches players for showing up half a minute late. I told him I'd taught Belichick everything he knows, keeping my hands carefully in my coat pockets as I said this.

And I kept looking, under the furniture because Harris likes to steal things, including socks.

No gloves. I admitted defeat and dug out my old pair.

I'd been back to the Patisserie a couple of times but it never occurred to me to ask if they'd found any gloves because I remember putting them in that grocery bag and heading home. Yesterday afternoon, I asked. And, lo — there they were, under the counter. It seems they were keeping them around because each of the women who works there thought they belonged to one of the others.

I was delighted, to put it mildly. I admit that I have an entirely untrustworthy memory, a distracted and careless attitude toward possessions, and a husband who thinks I'm weird, but I also have my gloves.


  1. maybe you 'put them in the bag' but missed and they fell on the ground or the counter..

    regardless, I'm glad you have them back (and darn it now if I don't want to visit that Patisserie)

  2. It is always nice when "lost" items turn up. I can think of a few things that I am still hoping will do that.
    I have seen some news coverage of your huge snowfall totals and don't envy anyone having to deal with that. Calgary has not been too bad for snow this winter (except for a large dump of snow last September). We had more snow last year at this time, but we historically can get a lot of snow in March and April.


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