Friday, February 13, 2015

On a Pedestal

Harris found a new perch the other day. We keep several dozen Lindt white-chocolate peppermint truffles in that box, and they could use a guard. 

We are less worried about Harris now than we were last week, when he wasn't eating well and seemed "off" for a few days. He finishes his meals, plays with more energy, and generally acts more like his usual self these days. But I've noticed he's a little thinner than I'd like. I believe I can find ways to fix that and I'll be happy to try it, although the other cats will object if Harris gets lots of special attention. But no one deserves treats and extra meals as much as Harris does — just ask him. He'll close his eyes, put his nose in the air, and silently convince you that he's the Best and Most Important Cat ever. 

We're convinced.


  1. I'm glad Harris is more like his old self. Cats are such a worry. Harris and my Dudley could well be cousins, they look similar :O) Dudley turns 13 this year, and I worry all the time about him. He is a royal pain in the backside at times, but I love him so.

    choccies also need a serious guard in this house too!

  2. Fleurp has issues and will occasionally be too thin for my liking. I slip her extras and she'll tell you she deserves it too.

    btw, I like that box

    1. Fleurp is a great beauty. Harris has been good about snarfing down cheese and everyone had sardines the other night. I might start feeding Harris samples of Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw... with CARBS! That B&W box was on sale at Pottery Barn last summer; I got it for my birthday. It had dopey little gold feet that I removed.


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