Friday, February 27, 2015

Possum & Popcorn

Possum discovered popcorn last night.

I discovered it last week. My husband loves popcorn but I've always considered it an organic packing material unless it's covered in caramel or chocolate. I'm not one for buying specialized kitchen gadgets, either, but I got him a Lékué silicone microwave popcorn popper for Christmas and he loves it. It's faster than making using a pot on the stove, and it's easier to clean up and requires less oil. And the bowl collapses to be about 2" tall, so it's easy to store in our tiny kitchen. He uses it several times a week.

I also bought him a bag of popping corn from Trader Joe's after one of the guys there told me it's really good. I tried some last week, and it is. The shells are not as tough and annoying: they don't make me choke or get caught in my teeth. I also got him some fancy, expensive popping corn with tiny kernels, and that's wonderful — hardly any shells at all. But it's hard to microwave it without burning it.

My husband has been making me my own little bowl of popcorn lately, as we've been binge-watching the first two seasons of House of Cards before tonight's premiere. Last night, he made it early, when I was still working, and I put the bowl aside. Then I looked up to see Possum's head in the bowl. I complained to him and he gave me a dirty look and stuck his head back in the bowl. I took it away from him and fished out the cold, soggy kernels he had been working on, and decided to let him have them. He loved them. Harris was interested, too:

A few pieces of plain popcorn with a bit of table salt will not harm an adult cat, I later read online — after having second thoughts and mildly panicking. Cats fed poor-quality food consume a lot of corn, so my initial thought was that a couple of pieces of popcorn would be fine as long as they weren't a choking hazard or covered in chemicals and creepy oils from a microwaved packet. And it turns out that I was right.

When Possum finished his popcorn he tried to get more from my bowl but I didn't let him. I received another baleful look and he went away.

This morning, I asked my husband if Possum had ever tried to eat his popcorn. He's made himself hundreds of bowls. while I've probably had about four. He said no, Possum has always left his alone. I thought that was odd, since Possum seemed to think my bowl also belonged to him. My husband pointed out that Possum loves me. But Possum spends much more time purring on my husband's lap these days than mine, even when there's a laptop already on it. I've been rather jealous of all their together time. My husband says it's easier for Possum to sit on him than on me because my armchair is too small for the two of us. I don't know about that.

My theory is that Possum thinks he owns me, and that what's mine is his. I will have to ask him, the next time he's in the mood to talk to me.


  1. your theory sounds like it would hold water..

  2. My parents gave me a similar device and we love popcorn kernels from I like mushroom the best--big fluffy kernels and very few old maids.


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