Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ready for His Closeup

In other news: Three cheers for the Patriots, especially after the Sea Hags (I've always called them that and I'm not going to stop now) proved they deserved to lose after behaving like thugs at the end. All seven of us are very pleased (one of us much more than the other six). And I thought it was very considerate of the Patriots to wait until Downton Abbey was over to score. 


  1. that is some awesome belly.. and yes, the patriots are so known for being considerate.. lol

  2. I'm trying to wind down after watching the game with a houseful of avid Patriot fans! Confession. I usually read the Sunday Boston Globe while my husband watches the Pats. Tonight, with a little explanation here and there from my sister-in-law Deb, I stayed with it. Your assessment was perfect. Sea Hags, thugs, and Downton Abbey! Glad I checked in!


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