Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Latest Snowstorm

We've gotten more than 90 inches of snow since January 23. While we haven't broken the record for the snowiest winter in history, we're in the top three since the weather service has been keeping track. The most snow we've ever had, in 107.6 inches in 1995–96 accumulated across two months, so the impact of this year's snow is much greater, since it all fell in the past three weeks. And we're getting more on Tuesday. We'll probably break the record soon.

Last night, before the winds started, every branch on our street was covered:

Here's the scene this morning. It was still snowing hard and the trees were still covered, as was everything else. 

By the time we went for a walk late this afternoon, strong winds had blown the snow off the branches and caused some impressive drifts, like this one, reaching half way up the Pru... okay, I'm exaggerating slightly.

Most sidewalks hadn't been shoveled yet. Lots of cars, including ours, are almost completely buried. Snow is piled higher than my head everywhere. I've read that there will still be snow on the ground in early April if we have typical March temperatures... and that's if we don't get any more. And we'll be getting more....

Most of the people who were outside today were tourists (speaking other languages and wielding cameras), dog walkers, or bored locals like us. The few restaurants that were open were doing good business. The hardware store was open but DeLuca's Market was closed, and covered in icicles. I knew KitchenWares was open so we stopped in to get warm and chat with the owner, who had skied to work. I bought a sheath for one of our knives ($3.50) but he cheered up when I told him I plan to replace our deteriorating nonstick saucepans soon.

Mailboxes everywhere need to be shoveled out.

At about 4 o'clock the wind grew fiercer and the temperature dropped. Blowing snow froze our faces and walking ceased to be any fun. We went home and warmed up with cocoa. I don't plan to go out tomorrow unless I get really bored. And another storm is coming on Tuesday, although it shouldn't drop more than a few inches.


  1. Lots of snow too up here in NH, but not THAT much, thank goodness! High of 10 degrees forecast today. This kind of cold just seems to seep inside and it's a tough job to stay warm & cozy!

  2. Yeah, I just don't find walking in that to ever be fun.. *shiver*


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