Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wendy Warming Up?

I may be imagining it, and it may be a temporary whim of hers, but Wendy seems to hate/fear me less than usual these days. I've been able to pet her when she's lying on the bedroom window sill and on a chair under the table. Normally, she would flee in terror. Now, I would say — using the verb in the old-fashioned sense — that she "suffers" me to pet her, so I only do it for a few seconds. But then she doesn't run away. Also, when I talk to her, she seems more relaxed and curious, and her pupils seem less dilated. And, if I hold my hand out to her when we're eating and she's on the table or nearby on the floor, she'll sometimes come over, sniff my fingers, and walk slowly away. 

Believe it or not, this is all progress, although I will probably slip up in some way I can't possibly understand and return to being Evil Mommy in Wendy's little mind. In the meantime, it's nice having five cats who tolerate me, more or less.


  1. Baby steps.....She is coming around. What a beauty!!

  2. LOVE the kitty face photo on your bed side table too...

  3. well Wendy, so very nice to meet you..

    have you tried RR with her?

    1. Occasionally, we've tried it. My husband can't ever remember to give to her at breakfast and my doing it once a day at supper did nothing. Wendy has a truly interesting personality.


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