Thursday, March 26, 2015

Five Cats

We usually see four, not five, cats together on the bed. I'd left some clean laundry there, which proved irresistible to Toffee, who usually curls up on a nearby chair. This was taken in the evening without flash, so it's not a great photo (although you could call that effect chiaroscuro, I suppose) but it documents that all five are friends.

It also shows that five isn't that many, even in a small apartment. When they are gathered here, the rest of our place is cat-free or, as some might put it, bereft of felinity. My husband and I only discovered they were all together because we were alone in the living room grumbling: "I thought we had some cats? Didn't we have lots of them? Why aren't there any anywhere?"

This is not to say that we think we need more cats. We realize we are at budget capacity, since the food we've chosen for them is quite expensive. We are also at litter-box capacity, at least until we move. We are also at attention capacity, since three cats want plenty, and the other two want it sometimes. And three also like a few play sessions with pole toys every day. So we're busy enough with five.

And then there are times when most of them are lounging in the living room and we have nowhere to sit.

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  1. "I thought we had some cats? Didn't we have lots of them? Why aren't there any anywhere?"

    LOL.. I find myself saying that with seven.. although at the moment I've got three of them with me which is very nice.


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