Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flowers for (Another) Snowy Morning

We're having a snow shower this morning, with big wet flakes coming down hard and fast. I don't really mind but I bet plenty of people do, so let's enjoy some flowers from Boden. Their spring prints have a bright, 1960's look that suits my current mood, since Easter is next Sunday and the last episodes of Mad Men will start airing that night.

I almost never wear floral prints but I enjoy seeing them on other women and these are a treat for the eyes after during this long winter.

Vintage Bow Dress in a watercolor floral (when I was little, my mother and my aunts had lovely summer dresses cut like this one):
 Pandora Skirt in silk organza (sheer organza is a rarity... check out the pastels on white, too):

Easy Printed Tee (I'm ready for a flowery tee, to brighten up jeans and denim skirts):

Navy Bella Slingback Flats (rhinestones + paillettes = blossoms):

Bistro Shorts (remember shorts? Boden makes a tee and some dresses in this print, too):
Chelsea Leather Slingbacks (if you wanted these last spring, they're on sale now, and also in blue):

Silky Vintage Top (I'd wear this with white jeans if I could ever keep a pair of white jeans clean for more than 10 minutes, which I absolutely can't do):

Soft Leather Bowling Bag (vaguely "Liberty" and half-price):

It's still snowing...

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  1. aaah.. spring. When a woman's fancy turns from sweaters to floral prints.. :)


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