Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Harris Studies

Harris decided to pay attention to Possum, who is always haranguing the others about the importance of education. As I've explained before, cats absorb knowledge by "feline literary osmosis" — by sitting or sleeping on top of books and periodicals. It's why cats gravitate to newspapers and why they try to sit on laptops and keyboards. (The jury is still out on whether they can absorb whole websites that way.)

Since Harris is no ordinary cat, he is not content to study one book at a time. Here he's absorbing a full course load simultaneously. No wonder he looks a little alarmed: a massive amount of information is entering his furry little head all at once.

And what has he chosen to study? Anjelica Huston's memoirs, 1930's and '40's jewelry by Trabert and Hoeffer-Mauboussin, how to write formulaic Hollywood screenplays, Oxford University, poems by Lissa Kiernan, historic Egyptian postcards, "Storybook style" cottages, The Idle Rich (mid-century photography of this peculiar species) and a Swarthmore College commemorative.

Possum would have preferred that Harris settle down on some big, fat art history books, or classic literature, but one can't have everything. At least he is getting some mental stimulation. But, as you can see, all that education was exhausting:

The poor little guy. Now his head is touching Indiana Authors and Their Books. There is no rest for the weary. I'm surprised he picked that title: Toffee read and reread it for weeks last spring and was extremely boring on the subject the whole time. At least that's what I thought. Either cats have short memories or they think Indiana authors are fascinating. 

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