Monday, March 16, 2015

One More for the Record

We had a little snowstorm yesterday. We got just a couple of inches, but it was enough to officially break Boston's record for the highest seasonal snowfall since 1872 — a little over 108 inches, or 9 feet of accumulation.

I was glad the record-breaking snow finally came. I like winter, and I feel it might as well snow if it's going to be cold anyhow. I especially liked the way the new snow covered the filthy old snow piles with a clean, white layer. Even those of us who like winter agree that dirty snow is a depressing sight if there ever was one. 


  1. I enjoy forwarding your winter shots to our daughter in Austin, Texas. She's moving back to build her nursing career, and I like to remind her of what she's been missing!! This young woman is never warm enough, but Boston is calling her home.

  2. I love your photos!! They are almost black and white and so cold..... then the street lights and windows give golden spots of color and warmth. I like that the sky is still visible but that the lamps are already lit. The snow and bare trees are stark. I like in the last shot how the gnarly and twisty bare branches are offset by the straight lines and evenness of the fence line and its upright evenly spaced bars. Then on the right is the big full bushy tree giving a whole new and different feel. Lots of textures. Love these. Nicely done & Beautifully shot!!


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