Saturday, March 14, 2015

Recent Adorableness: Toffee

Toffee decided to be photogenic today after noticing that he hasn't appeared here recently. He's not the kind of cat who keeps score, like Harris. He doesn't register disapproval of my less-flattering photos with withering looks, like Possum. He's doesn't register disapproval of everything I do by fleeing the scene, like Wendy. 

Toffee is confident and mellow (unlike Lion, a nervous little guy who hides all afternoon.). He let me photograph him because he knows he's superior to the other four in every way. He's humble about this; it's the truth and he has come to accept it.

Here he's hanging out on the mantel. According to Possum, he is posing like one of the preppy suit models in a Brooks Brothers catalogue. We don't get those, so I didn't know. But apparently Toffee is trying to look like an exceptionally attractive fund manager or tax lawyer, in an expensive suit and white sneakers.

Here he's trying to use Psychic Mind Control to compel me to unpack the food and open all 72 cans:

Here's he's just showing off. Can't blame him.


  1. just like his name, he is truly scrumptious.

  2. You have him nailed down pat.. sneakers, yup, i see that. Open all 72 cans.. yup, totally see that too.. showing off.. absolutely.. love it!


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