Saturday, April 25, 2015

Magnolia Time on Commonwealth Avenue

Over the past week the pink canopy has unfurled on the sunny side of Commonwealth. (On the shady side, not so much. They will need at least another week.) 

The trees are as glorious as ever although, this year, they seem more remarkable — simply because our winter was so hard and so long that some of us wondered if we'd ever see them. The cool temperatures we're still having should make the flowers last a little longer. 



  1. Magnolia is such a stunning tree. My parents had a gorgeous white one in their back garden, it was so pretty. But they chopped it down.
    Apparently it got 'too big'.
    I will never understand my parents.

  2. I hope they are not all gone by the time we get to Cambridge on Thursday.
    You got beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. they are absolutely lovely. There are a few up this way and they have just started to put out blooms, it made me smile to see them,


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