Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The PB and her husband may have found another house in Newton. It's a lovely house with a lot of original character, from pantries to fireplaces. We liked it enough to make an offer and, lo, our offer was accepted — something we didn't really expect after five years of failure. We were more shocked and amazed than overjoyed at first, but then we were very happy. And then a few hours later, after bedtime, reality set in. It's a big house with a big, open corner yard, on a busy street.... In a suburb that isn't Boston! What were we thinking?

After our offer was accepted, we came down to earth and took a more careful look at the house. We discovered it has a number of "quirks," or "problems" that escaped us entirely as we were under the spell of its antique charms, and we are now trying to figure out if it will work for us.

So we have a lot to think about, and a home inspection to get through tomorrow. As always, I will keep you posted.

Yes, it has two pantries. What it doesn't have is a refrigerator in its large kitchen.
It's in one of the pantries, quite a hike from the stove and sink.
And that would be quite an adjustment from our current kitchen, which is only 8 feet long.

The dining room is the prettiest spot in the house.


  1. I can fully respect making sure that it is the right fit for you, and I simply want to say I hope it isn't a case of cold feet going on there.

  2. Are the fabulous five going to inspect the house and give their approval/disapproval before the final decision is made?

  3. Here's hoping all went well and that you are feeling excited for the possibilities.

  4. Your loyal followers await with bated breath! I hope everything is going smoothly....


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