Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Possum Peeved

Someone has been sulking and brooding since he discovered that I posted about something he considered too private/personal for public knowledge. He's been muttering that I should have used an alias to protect him... an alias such as "Wendy."

I reminded him that cats are never embarrassed about their behavior. He muttered that he was not embarrassed, just annoyed with me for blabbing, because it was private-slash-personal kind of thing and if anyone were to discuss it, he was the one. I said I'd be delighted to give him that opportunity. I told him he could dictate to me exactly what was going on with him when It Happened and I'd type it here verbatim.

Then I sat waiting, back straight and hands poised over the keyboard in readiness, like a pianist waiting for the conductor to commence the concerto.

Possum gave me a disgusted look and closed his eyes, pretending to nap.

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