Sunday, April 12, 2015


My husband feeds the cats breakfast; I feed them supper. It's fun. It's gratifying to have five hungry, healthy felines chowing down on the healthiest food we can manage. 

It's great to have everyone's eager attention before I put the bowls on the floor. It only happens once a night for me (unless I open the cabinet that holds the treats, or one that sounds like the one that holds the treats).


  1. I do love the 'GIVE US!!" pleas from cats.. like you would touch cat food and not feed the cats...

  2. Great photos! Speaking of food, I was dismayed to learn that the WholeLife company has discontinued the Tail Mix roasted chicken treats that my cat is addicted to thanks to your recommendation. She loves that crunch, which isn't available in their other products. Bummer. Do you know of a good, healthy, crunchy substitute? Thank you!


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