Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And Then There Was This

This shot is more "painterly" and "atmospheric" than I'd like, but it captures Possum in a relaxed moment during one of his lectures. I can't remember if this one was about Sargent's murals in the Boston Public Library, why we should buy a set of Thomas Hardy paperbacks (so he can sit on them and "read" them in the manner of cats), or the nutritional importance of popcorns (as he says) for feline development. It could have been all three; some of his lectures are interminable and cover a wide range of topics.

He is joining me as I'm slowly reading Wallace Clement Sabine: A Study in Achievement, and he seems to know and like the guy. Since I've always believed that cats can see more than we can, I asked him if we have ghosts (I don't think we do, but when ghosts are polite, you often don't know). He ignored me. I should probably interpret that a "yes."

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