Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hot Hot Hot

We are much too warm in this apartment, and it's only in the mid 80s.

I close our windows as soon as the air is warmer outside than inside, not that it helps much. I'll open them sometime after sunset and beg the breeze to come in. We have a ceiling fan going slowly in the bedroom, which the cats like more than I do. I don't like air blowing on me. But our noisy, awful, inefficient air conditioners are still in storage. How I loathe them. I'm not sure what's worse: roasting or listening to them roar and struggle to cool things down a bit. But for the sake of the cats, we'll go get one of them soon.

Possum was in this expressive pose when I came home this afternoon.

We have two units, but we only used one last year, having learned the hard way that it's impossible to sleep with one going in the bedroom. I'd rather melt into a coma and be able to open the window. These units are a famous brand (I can't remember what or I'd tell you) and are just two or three years old. They had high ratings from Consumer Reports, and I carefully used those online calculators to choose the right size for our rooms. And they are garbage.

New air conditioners are just horrible compared to old ones. I am going to start hunting for ancient Panasonics with freon, like the ones we got rid of. But first I will have to summon the energy to search. The cats and I are all reduced to lying about exhausted and languid, like Possum.

Things should be looking up by October.


  1. I love your stories and pictures of your cats

  2. have you tried changing the rotation of the ceiling fans? if they blow up you often don't feel them - well unless you are hanging out on a wall..


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