Sunday, May 17, 2015

Even More Postcards from Brimfield

There should only be one Brimfield more post after this and then I'm finished for 2015... unless we get to another show this year (July 14–19 and September 8–13). July is usually too hot and September is usually to hectic for my hard-working and overworked academic husband.

Bald ladies with attitude, makeup, and jewelry:


Another creepy Santa. Finding creepy Santas is getting to be like shooting fish in a barrel:

There was an entire tent filled with scented candles that looked like food. The fruit tray was kind of okay, but check out the pancakes with syrup and butter, and the Jello cups. There were waffles and ice cream parfaits, and much more. The aroma inside the tent was overpoweringly sweet, so I didn't linger.

Keys, keys, keys, rusty and otherwise. If you ever lost one, it might have ended up here:

Curtain tiebacks, in all your favorite flavors:

Oh, dear, Aunt Jemina, what is that thing you're holding that's pouring blood?

A box of bald ladies, but not from the same tent as the other bald ladies:

I liked this sign, since I treat my liver nicely and never drink, but it still gives me bad enzyme test results:

I didn't know that phrenology was getting popular again:

I shot this from the car as we leaving — or trying to, since traffic was heavy. What's better than the Blues Brothers, the Statue of Liberty and Bruce Lee, together at last?

Answer: The Blues Brothers, the Statue of Liberty, Bruce Lee, and a  life-size pig.


  1. So totally unfair! I collect Statue of Liberty(s), Statues of Liberty, Statue of Liberties...oh well, you know what I mean. I want that one that is carousing with the Blues Brothers. I've got nearly 100 of them, but not one like that. Drat.

  2. Drat indeed. If you go in July, it might very well be in that same spot, which should be pretty easy to find since it's right along the road. The field is on the side that's across the street from the Quaker Acres and New England Motel fields — the Mays side, in other words. Dealers usually return to the same locations so their customers can find them. Fingers crossed for you and Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mlle/Mme Liberty.


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