Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Postcards from Brimfield

So then there was this... click on any photo to enlarge it:


I may be giving you the wrong idea: not every dealer at Brimfield specializes in surreal displays of kitsch. There are many expensive tents filled with antique jewelry, silver, furniture, art pottery, and so on. There are others who sell their own lines of new merchandise, from handbags to handmade soaps. And there are many tasteful displays:

I told the proprietor of this tent that it looked like it had been flown in from Madison Avenue in comparison with everything else and she was delighted. She told me she'd been thinking about how her dad had paid for six years of tuition so she could study biology, but maybe things would turn out okay after all.

Then she told me she thought her shop was looking very empty because so much had sold. I thought it looked great:

I rarely see this much old Phoenix Bird china these days, but I don't need any more:

Oh, look! A cat.

And another cat:

She's the first cat we've ever seen at Brimfield (there are dogs everywhere). Her owners told us that they've brought her before, and that once there were five dealers with cats in their field (Brimfield is huge and organized by field, as in farmers' fields. The fields have names, like Quaker Acres, May's, and Heart-o-the Mart.) She was quite a pretty cat but she had a look in her eye so I didn't touch her. As we talked, she began biting her owner pretty hard.

More weirdness:

This bunny is about 5 feet tall:

And, finally, here's Green Girl (related to the Wicked Witch of the West?). I wonder if she'd like to meet the Red, White, and Blue Guys from my previous post:

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  1. I went to Brimfield last September and came across a dealer couple that had a long-haired tabby -- pretty sure it's the same one! Like you, I didn't try to pet her...



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