Monday, May 18, 2015

Very Last Postcards from Brimfield

This is it, I promise. 

This was one of the most elegant juxtapositions I've ever seen at Brimfield. And I did nothing to adjust the color; the lighting in the tent provided those mellow tones. As you can tell, there were old picture frames and bits of furniture stacked and piled around it, but it was still striking.

What a sweet teddybear. How could anyone part with him? The more I look at him, the sorrier I am that I left him there. If it's meant to be, we'll run into each other again....

As usual, I was tempted by very little there that I could afford. I got this nice old cigarette tin for $10. These are pretty easy to find on eBay, but it was there, and it was in good condition. The only things I'm actively collecting these days are old graphic tins (mostly Schrafft's chocolate boxes) and walking sandals that hurt my feet. 

I like the graphics on the inside, too:

My husband collects Egyptian postcards so he spends most of his time at Brimfield in a barn dedicated to postcards. He picked out some old Christmas ones for me (25 cents each). I plan to use them for a project but I haven't decided what it's going to be yet.

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