Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Road Trip: When Pigs Fly in Maine

We took a drive to southern Maine on Sunday and stopped at the big When Pigs Fly store on Route 1 in Kittery. We often visit the small outpost of this excellent bread bakery in Brookline, where we could have picked up the same items we found in Maine — although they tend to run out of whatever it is that we're particularly craving. It was gratifying to see all of their many varieties in abundance, with more freshly baked loaves being added to the heaping baskets. Their website says that 60 employees bake up to 12,000 loaves daily to supply their shops and distributors throughout New England. That's a lot of artisanal bread.

The store feels cavernous. You pick your own loaves from baskets instead of being waited on.

You can sample most of the breads, along with various dipping oils, vinegars, and mustards.

Our name for this sticky, fruity, nutty bread is "candy bread":

It is great for toast and we also like it for grilled cheese or nut-butter sandwiches:

There are about two dozen other varieties, from sourdough to six-grain-and-pumpkin-seed to New York rye. And don't miss the chocolate bread: 

I don't known they weren't slicing the chocolate bread on Sunday, but ripping off big hunks didn't seem like a hardship.

My husband is crazy about these huge, dark, German-style soft pretzels:

He eats them plain; I like them sliced open, warmed, and slathered with butter. They are nothing like a typical soft pretzel. They are dense, complex, and chewy (as opposed to dusty, tasteless, and dry). They are a bit greasy even before you butter the heck out of them, but we don't care. They are $4 apiece and worth every penny. They have the perfect amount of salt, too.

When Pigs Fly offers a small selection of big cookies and "bread pudding cakes." We split a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie and we'll be looking for those in the Brookline store soon. We brought home "candy bread," pretzels, and our new favorite loaf: wild blueberry granola with eight grains.

When Pigs Fly has a restaurant next to the Kittery store, serving wood-fired pizzas, appetizers, craft beers, and wine. We were too full of bread samples to check it out. Next time.

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  1. I've been there, it is a lovely store which is sadly a bit inconvenient for us. I do like the boreallis bread store in wells


    it is a little disappointing in the winter, but in the summer they fill it right up with delicious goodies.


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