Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Glamour Don't" — Harvard Square Edition

Ah, summer weather, what is it about you? You're ridiculously seductive to some of us. (Just not me.) Young women, in particular, can have a hard time keeping their clothes on when you come around.

We spotted this pony-tailed lass ordering lunch at Felipe's in Harvard Square last Saturday:

I'm not sure what this garment is, but I believe it's a summer nightie rather than a top or swimsuit coverup — and how I hope it was not designed as a slip dress. Whatever it is, it shouldn't be worn in public, at least not with twisted bra straps as accessories and white bikini underwear showing through. She wore chunky ankle boots instead of the fuzzy slippers or maribou-trimmed mules that belong with this look.

From those smiles on the cashier and the burrito maker's faces, I gather that the front of this outfit was at least as entertaining as the back. The guy beside her — fully clothed — was with her and seemed oblivious to her lack of coverage. She must dress like this a lot.

Harvard Square is renowned for its colorful street performers. Let's all think twice before adding to everyone's fun by forgetting to put on some of our clothing.

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  1. I will never understand why women are now walking around with visible bra straps.. it is like no one ever taught them that there is a thing called a strapless bra


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