Thursday, June 25, 2015

All Right Already

A photo of Harris will accompany a story about pets in the neighborhood paper next month and he can't stop talking about it. Some of us are ready to move on. 

Possum told me privately that he doesn't see the point of featuring such a small cat when one could have gotten a much bigger, flashier one for the same fee. (Harris's agent negotiated for a tin of sardines.)


  1. Dear Possum, Let this one slide. Let the kid have the glory this time. You are above the mere Neighborhood Paper level. Maybe Harris needs the boost to his self confidence. You, sir, oooze self confidence and esteem. I do know that it can get a bit tiresome when others drone on and on about things. Let it slide today. You shine in your own right. Shine on Possum Pasamaquoddy!! (grand apologies if I misspelled your name). Signed: Cooper. Chat Noir, Extraordinaire who also lives with little "kids" in the house.

    1. Thank you! Hearing it from someone else made something of an impression.

  2. sardines? that is nothing to sneeze at.. Good job Harris


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