Sunday, June 7, 2015

City Flowers Towards Dark

Now that I'm back in my routine of getting 10,000 steps, I've been going for walks in the early evening. I recently took these photos of flowers along Commonwealth Avenue and Newbury Street and in the Public Garden. Early June is prime season for flowers, and the trees are almost all in full leaf — with some still about to flower, including the lindens with their heady scent, which wakes me up at night when our windows are open.

The flower colors and the greenery seemed particularly intense on this particular evening:

If there are flowers in Outer Space, I bet they look like alliums.
I love how they contrast with the intense green of the trees and grass.

A big, happy squirrel on top of a laburnum in the Public Garden.
I counted twelve squirrels running around together on my walk.

A close-up. He's looking awfully fat for springtime.

I didn't alter the saturation of this photo of a Commonwealth Avenue garden. 
The roses and purple flowers glowed in the early twilight and my iPhone went nuts. 

There are always bold, Aesthetic-style sunflowers on the facade of this townhouse, 
but the garden blooms are giving them plenty of competition these days.

A wonderful cement basket planter on a Comm. Ave. porch.

Greenish hydrangea and ivy in a Comm. Ave. urn.

A lush church garden on Newbury Street.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely walk!


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