Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Glamour Don't: Patient Style

Oh, Madewell, you make great jeans. And thus you thrive, despite some of your less-winning concepts — that every single sweater should fit like a flour sack, for example, or that almost every tee should also function as a tunic. 

But this dress is a different thing altogether. I wonder how many women will pay $118 for this variation on the hospital johnny. At least Madewell's stylists didn't pair it with pastel socks with rubber treads. And it was considerate of the designer to close up the back and move the requisite self-fabric ties further up than usual. But that sure does look like an ID bracelet on her wrist.

I read recently that given all the problems J. Crew has been having, they are replacing their head of women's design with Madewell's head of design. Good luck with that!

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