Friday, June 12, 2015

Poor Wendy, Lucky Me

So, here we are, back in Southwest Harbor, Maine, after a long, happy, and almost criminally sugar-fueled drive. We stopped to split a cupcake from an award-winning bakery in Kittery. We sampled jams and dessert sauces while stocking up on our  favorite blueberry tea at the Stonewall Kitchen in York. We each wolfed down a glazed blueberry donut from our favorite donut shop these days —  Frosty's in Freeport. Then we went down the street and got German pretzels (they turned into dinner later with butter and honey ham) from When Pigs Fly Bakery. We also did a little outlet shopping, of course (husband always scores huge deals at outlets; I never find anything for me). We had lunch at Sprague's Lobster Pound and did a little antiquing in Wiscasset. Then we visited old friends in Thomaston. Finally, we stopped in Camden to visit some favorite shops and split a grasshopper brownie from the bakery we like. 

Surely that was enough dessert and shopping to last me a week. 

Except that it wasn't. We were forced to drive to Gott's Store before we went to the inn because it is the only place we've found beyond Portland that sells the 93 octane gas our car insists upon. Gott's looks like any old, nondescript grocery store from the outside but is a treasure trove within. It has obscure items we can't find in  Boston and their in-house bakers keep very, very, very busy. I swear I will cut back on my sugar consumption (again) soon, but it's impossible while I'm within a couple of miles of the carrot cake at Gott's. (We also tried their fish and chips tonight — so good that my fish-hating husband enjoyed it.)

Yesterday, our cat sitter took photos of everyone at dinnertime to post on Facebook. Here is Wendy, looking like a sourpuss. No doubt she is thinking: "You're taking a photo so Evil Mommy can see me! I'm supposed to be on vacation from her! She's not allowed to even think about me this week. Now Everything Is Ruined. My Life Is Over!"

Sorry, Wendy. 

We saw three cats while strolling around the neighborhood today. Two were very friendly and flung themselves about our legs and rolled around blissfully as we petted and talked to them. It's always odd when totally strange cats trust me more after knowing me for ten seconds than Wendy has in more than five years with us. Sigh.

For some reason, we have no phone service up here at all, and no email or internet up here unless we are at the inn or someplace with Wifi. This is making life complicated for reasons I'll explain later. But I should be able to post some photos of lupines and lilacs soon. Both are in full, scented bloom right now, and we see them almost everywhere we look.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation! enjoy! If you ever drive through Liberty< Maine, check ut Liberty Hardware - talk about a treasure trove of "stuff!" and Liberty Graphics is right across the street. Fun t-shirts when one needs a good one with interesting designs.

  2. Hi Janice! We do drive through Liberty sometimes, and we often eat at Lori's Diner, which is packed with funny signs and also pie. It's next to a sporting goods and bait shop, which is alway going out of business. We will definitely check out the hardware store next time, so thanks for the tip! Hope all is well!

  3. ooh, what bakery in Kittery? I haven't been down that way in a while, I should make a day out of it..


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