Monday, June 8, 2015

Recent Adorableness: Toffeepot

Is he not glorious — handsome, wise, dapper, dignified? He's always been the scientist* among our five cats, risking his life to perform experiments to discover what happens when a cat jumps up on a hot stove or swallows a series of Christmas light bulbs or various types of string. 

For this reason, I have taken to calling him Wallace Clement Sabine, after the hard-working and self-effacing physicist who founded the science of acoustic engineering at Harvard at the turn of the 20th century — while living in our house. 

I'm pretty sure Toffee likes this. Just look at him.

* Possum is artsy and literary, obviously. Lion is a diplomat, winning everyone's heart. Harris is an engineer — "What happens if I knock this on the floor, or this, or this?" And poor Wendy just lives perpetually in Fear of Death.


  1. he does look like he is about to concoct his newest experiment..

  2. That look says, "You can not imagine what I am thinking/"


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