Sunday, June 21, 2015

Still No Postcards from Anywhere

The worst has happened. When I open iPhoto, which formerly had more than 27,000 of my photos, I get a "Welcome to iPhoto" page indicating that I have zero photos in my library. I know the photos haven't disappeared completely... at least as long as my Time Machine back-ups are really backing everything up. But all of my numerous attempts to repair the situation yesterday failed.

The next step is calling Apple for customer support. But I know they will want me to switch from iPhoto to the new Photos application, which I'll gather won't suit me as well as iPhoto. I expect it will be dumber, providing less control over how I edit my photos. It will probably also be more complicated.

It's interesting how applications so often manage to give you fewer options while making you work harder to get them. This is because software engineers need to keep their jobs. So they toy and tinker with good products until they realize they've become bad, fussy complicated products. Then they start all over, forcing us to learn new apps. It's tedious. Maybe if they gave software engineers tenure, or something similar, we'd all be a lot happier and more efficient.

I'm more in the mood to show you what I've seen lately than to drone on in paragraphs about less-visual subjects, so I will end this here.


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