Monday, June 1, 2015

Temperate (adj): Good for my temper

Ah, the brief but welcome return of sweater weather! Even if it's raining, temperatures in the 50s perk me right up. I love it; I wouldn't mind a three more months of this. (Yes, I know I belong in San Francisco, but there's this thing called "tenure.")

Instead of shorts and flip flops. I'm happy in jeans, boots, and a jacket. It's perfect sleeping weather, too — the flannel sheets are back on the bed.

The cats are playful and alert, not lying around comatose from the heat as they were last week. Harris, in particular, is into everything. He went crazy last night, howling and chasing himself around the bedroom which was chilly with the windows open. His latest trick is stealing quarters and dimes out of the bowl on the dresser and spreading them around the floor. He also enjoys pushing our favorite mugs and and dishes to the edge of the kitchen counter with his paw, inching them slowly towards certain destruction. He also attacks our lobster salt shakers (two, since we don't use pepper), biting their raised claws and tipping them over. His on-and-off vendetta against the cordless phone next to my bed is back on, so the poor phone goes crashing to the floor a few times a day. He's developed a taste for scratching furniture, both wooden and upholstered. And he has issues with Wendy. He threw himself on top of her and bit her neck (That's a domination move for you non-cat people) while I was fixing everyone's dinner this evening.

All this in just two days. Harris is being a Bad Cat. But there's a lot to be said for Bad Cats. At least I've always said so. Unfortunately I don't remember why I said so. He's kind of annoying at times. But he's interesting.

Revel in these chilly, "temperate" days. Play with your cats so they race around, panting. Cook, bake, and heat up your kitchen. Run your dryer with abandon. Go for long walks in the middle of the day without a hat or sunglasses. Unless you have central air conditioning. If you are one of those rarified beings, you don't need to do any of the above. You just need to invite me to your house when the temperature is closer to 90.

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  1. "bad" cats have the most personality.. and they aren't afraid to show it off


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