Friday, June 5, 2015

Vero Possumus

Here isPossum setting a fine example: We should all be able to sleep this peacefully and innocently, with a clear conscience and faith that the future will include a lot of excellent nap time. (We should all be so lucky to have no anxieties beyond when our next meal will be delivered on pretty white china.)

We should all aim, like Possum, to spend part of every day in deep, mind-clearing, horizontal meditation — our body completely relaxed, breathing slowly, eyes closed.

Posssum wanted me to remind his fans that his full name is Possumus P. Passamaquoddy. His last name was originally his first name at the rescue in Marlborough, Mass., where we adopted him after his family's shipboard escape from Norway. His first name comes from President Obama's campaign motto, Vero Possumus, or Yes, We Can. (To which we voters should have asked, "But are you sure we can? Are you really, really sure???)

Possum's Latin translation is slightly different. For him, Vero Possumus = "Hey! Let's All Be Like Possum! That might have worked better for our beleaguered president, too.

1 comment:

  1. PPP totally has the right idea (and he so needs a monogrammed cat bed to ignore)


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