Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Connie's Kittens: A Basket of Angelo

On Sunday, my husband and I went to visit Connie and her foster kittens in Maine. Connie is Lion's foster mom, and she has a wonderful blog about the 391 (and counting) kittens and cats she has fostered since 2002. She has seven cats of her own. Her current crop of five kittens is so adorable that we decided we had to visit them and Connie. When we picked up Lion in January 2014, it was snowing hard and we nearly got stuck pulling into her driveway, so that visit was very rushed.

This time, I almost sent us past her house since I was looking for a steep driveway. There isn't one; there's just the gentlest slope — our sports car is terrible in snow.

We had a great time hanging out in the kitten room. I'd say kittens are great "therapy," and they are, but you don't need to be feeling down to benefit hugely from kitten time. Kittens make you happier no matter how happy you were in the first place. I envy Connie for being able to foster and enjoy so many of them. But I'd get too attached to them. I don't have her ability to let them go to the shelter for adoption. Since Connie's seven are all former fosters, her "foster fail" rate is 2% over the past 13 years. That's impressive — and they have a big house. My failure rate is 100% since I was theoretically fostering Lion.

Anyway, I took so many photos that it took me ages to edit them. Now I have lots to show you.

But, first, please listen up: if you are exploring the possibility of getting a kitten or two (or three) these are The Kittens For You. I've said it often, and I say it from experience: Connie makes great kittens. Extraordinary kittens, because she and her husband put in hours every day making them into the best kittens they can be. These kittens are healthy, sociable, sweet, confident, and affectionate. This group is playful and lively, but they do not have crazy energy; they are easy to live with. They like people, they like each other, and they could definitely bring you a cat-lifetime of joy. (And transport from Southern Maine can probably be arranged; don't worry about details like that now. Just enjoy the show.)

Here is Angelo, in a basket. He is one of my favorites. He has little black "angel wing" markings on his back. He also has tiny polka dots on his nose and a fluffy coat. I love his wise, winsome expression... when he isn't attacking a toy or a sibling, or being attacked. He's a kitten, after all.

He knows he's irresistible.


  1. I love that "so you have lifted me up in the basket, I bet you think you are clever' face.. :D

  2. so cute - glad you got a chance to visit them :)

  3. I love Angelo. He's my favorite of this litter!


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