Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Quick Stop in Kennebunkport

On our way home from visiting Connie's kittens, we stopped in Kennebunkport. We'd never been there before. It's a busy summer resort town, preppier and more crowded than most of the ones we know further up the Maine coast. But it's still Maine, so it's charming and historic — what's not to love? It was very hot that day, so we didn't linger. We'll go back and spend more time exploring when it's not in the 90s.

The harbor view from the bridge:

 Bright flowers were everywhere:

Day lilies overtaking an old rosebush:

We admired this old house in the center of town:

We'd spend a lot of time on that porch if it were ours:

Another stately 19th-century house:

We had lunch in a general store, wandered a bit, and got cold drinks for the road in a French pastry shop. (Why didn't we sample their fine display of French and American baked goods? I have no idea. We tend to resolve to be healthy at just the wrong times, and sometimes we actually stick to it for some reason. And my husband had already gotten some ice cream, now that I think of it. But it was poor timing for me.)

On the way home we drove past the often-photographed Wedding Cake House (aka George W. Bourne House), which I'd always wanted to see. It's a Federal house that was "frosted" with Carpenter Gothic details by the original owner, a shipbuilder.

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  1. that "stately 19th-century house:" as you called it is actually owned by the owner of the business I work for. I had to giggle when I scrolled over it. It is actually a sea captain's house. :) the kitchen in there is beautiful and the rest of the home is in the traditional style.

    I've actually been inside the wedding cake house. He occasionally opens it up for tours, it is so interesting to listen to him talk about his home. I bet you would LOVE it.


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