Saturday, July 25, 2015

Flowers? What Flowers?

I recently did a lot of long-postponed housecleaning and, to celebrate, I bought flowers. Because of the cats, I usually just buy sunflowers and roses, since some of the cats like to eat eat flowers, and those two varieties are non-toxic favorites of mine. (I'd buy lilacs, hydrangeas, and mixed bouquets of garden flowers, too, if I could. But never lilies. They give me the creeps since they are deadly they are to cats.)

Harris went up on the mantel and pretended not to notice the flowers.

Toffee joined him on the mantel and, together, they studiously avoided noticing the flowers.

"What's all this business about flowers? What flowers?" (And why does Harris have Airplane Ears?)

"Not that we care... we are little angels, straight from heaven."

This was later:


  1. They were just giving you blog fodder, you really should thank them.

  2. MEWHAHAHA! This is one of the many reasons I am a worshipper of cats!


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